TerminusDB Explanation

What is TerminusDB?

TerminusDB is a powerful, in-memory graph database enabling you to maximize your productivity and the value of your data. TerminusDB has numerous features and several interfaces enabling you to create data-intensive, immutable, and synchronized databases with built-in version control and other Git-like operations.

Diagram: Some key features of TerminusDB

Why choose TerminusDB?

A few of the many reasons to choose TerminusDB as your graph database solution:

An enterprise-level graph database

Enterprise-level availability, functionality, performance, scalability, and stability. TerminusDB is a data-intensive, in-memory, high-speed and scalable platform suitable for both small and enterprise-level applications.

Quick and easy to use

Maximize your productivity and start realizing the value of your data by having your databases up and running in a few minutes. Easily create, query, and maintain your databases using graphical and programmatic interfaces.

Feature-rich and Git-like

Numerous unique features and Git-like operations including clone, branch, merge, control and time-travel. TerminusDB databases are immutable, fully preserving data lineage and change history with built-in revision control, similar to distributed version control systems.

Advanced query language

A powerful query language enabling fast and recursive searches across complex data patterns.

Forms and data validation

Generate forms for viewing and entering data with automatic data validation.

Visual model builder

Use a lightweight Graphical User Interface to easily build, maintain and enforce complex data models.

Multiple interfaces

Create and maintain your databases using programmatic interfaces such as JavaScript and Python APIs.

Data-centric collaboration

TerminusDB is highly configurable with powerful features for rapidly and collaboratively creating synchronized, application-centric and data-centric databases. Maximize productivity through application and data-centric distributed development and collaboration.

Diagram: Reasons to choose TerminusDB

Git-like model

TerminusDB has many Git-like features including revision-control and distributed collaboration. Similar to Git, TerminusDB is open source, model-driven, and uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) specification for collaboration.


TerminusDB implements an advanced Git-like model, using delta encoding to store append or delta-only changes to graphs. These deltas are stored in succinct terminusdb-store data structures. The delta encoding approach enables branch, merge, push, pull, clone, time-travel, and other Git-like operations.

Diagram: TerminusDB Git-like operations

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