Document UI Template

A Software Development Kit (SDK) to build a UI from @terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui and the @terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table.

This template has components to assemble a dashboard quickly. You also have the option to use our base components like the FramesViewer and TDBReactTable.


Install the dependencies from npm

npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui
npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table
npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui-templates

Run a Dashboard Example in Code Sandbox

terminusdb-documents-ui-templates are a collection of hooks to connect with the TerminusCMS server and a number of templates (components) for building a dashboard.

The sandbox features an example and how to use the components and hooks to assemble your pages.

Source Code

Code Sandbox