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TerminusDB is a toolkit for building collaborative applications. If your application or data product needs approval workflows, implement them with TerminusDB's Git-like collaboration features.

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TerminusX: Dashboard

Manage your data apps from the TerminusX dashboard. Curate your data, see its health, monitor metrics, and control access privileges.

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Time travel into the past and see a version of your data product exactly as it was when you committed it

The audit log allows organization admins to quickly review the actions performed by members at a glance

Real-time visualization of the number of commits in a day

Take a deep dive into your Product Models, Document Explorer & Product Explorer

A lightweight, temporal, & immutable document-oriented graph database

Build fast, collaborate, develop with JSON documents in a linked knowledge graph. TerminusDB’s features include:

Faster Time to Market

TerminusDB & TerminusX are fast - really fast. Build an application MVP in a single sprint.

Schema First

A tool that enables you to use schema to blueprint and build complex data models.


Generate UIs and forms and get data validation for free.

Like Git for Data

A versioning first database, fork, clone, branch, and merge, just like Git, to collaborate with colleagues, time travel, and develop with the safety of undo.

Document Oriented

Work with JSON documents and build relationships between documents in a powerful knowledge graph.


Quick to install, start building your apps in minutes.

Enjoy More Time Building and Creating

No matter what application or use case you have, TerminusX is designed to provide a positive developer experience so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, and less time on the tedious stuff. With source control, document store and knowledge graph functionality, and a flexible and extendable schema, TerminusX helps you collaborate, iterate, and develop data-driven functionality easily and quickly.


of development time is wasted


of developers use source control. Why not in data?


of developers are frustrated having to wait for dev environments


of time in the data lake is wasted looking for correct data

3 Steps to a Data Product

Build a versioned data product in 90 seconds.

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TerminusDB Open Source Graph Database

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