Enterprise Headless CMS and Knowledge Management

Content Infrastructure for the Connected World


TerminusCMS is an open-source headless content and knowledge management system. A dev-first enterprise knowledge graph to break down departmental knowledge silos. Incorporate content with operational and transactional data to discover and use organization-wide knowledge for your front-of-house and back-office front ends. 

An organization-wide knowledge graph with the analytical power to unlock enterprise potential

Build a semantically connected content and knowledge model to curate cross-divisional data, content, and documentation. Data is stored as machine-readable JSON documents which are exposed as GraphQL and Datalog APIs for schema, query, and updates. 


Better for the enterprise

When your teams don’t have to fight your software, you save an incredible amount of time. At the core of any large content infrastructure is code, and the more efficiently you can implement and maintain it, the fewer developer hours you need and the more money you save.

TerminusCMS shines for devs and the enterprise.

A headless CMS with source control, diff, custom workflows, access control, and semantic graph analytics, all at the database layer, and a fully customizable admin UI for non-technical teams to manage their digital products. TerminusDB is content infrastructure for complex enterprise environments.

It’s open-source, fully self-hosted, comes with GraphQL and REST APIs, and is completely customizable to your needs.

It is designed from the database up to optimize knowledge management and content experiences.



Back Office, Apps, Portals, Websites, & Analytics

TerminusCMS is an enterprise knowledge graph to make content, knowledge, and data discoverable and usable.

Greater Query Power

Graph queries leveraging semantic relationships and analytics engine powered by GraphQL & Datalog.

Schema as Code

Flexible and extendable JSON schema syntax to model semantically enriched content models with code.

Provenance & Version Control

Immutable data provides Git-like features such as branch, rebase, clone, rollback, and time-travel. 

Change Request Workflows

Change request workflows built into the data layer to provide approval processes and security.

Interoperable Standards

Using JSON & RDF standards ensures interoperability across applications and devices.

100% Open Source

Choose a package that works for you. Self-host with our open-source install, or choose a hosted version, including dedicated compute resources.

TerminusDB and TerminusX dashboard
TerminusDB and TerminusX dashboard

Document properties,
ID, relationships,
key strategy, and
JSON view

Create teams &
data products to
work collaboratively.

Visual schema
builder & validator

Database admin &
query playground


An in-memory, distributed, and open-source document graph database for people who want the convenience of documents with the query power of graph relationships. For people who want data to be the star of their builds.