Graph Database TerminusDB

Making Data
Collaboration Easy

If you are a developer looking to innovate or a data person looking for version control, we make collaboration work for everyone.

What is TerminusDB?

TerminusDB is an open-source knowledge graph database that provides reliable, private & efficient revision control & collaboration. If you want to collaborate with colleagues or build data-intensive applications, nothing will make you more productive.

TerminusDB provides the full suite of revision control features. TerminusHub allows users to manage access to databases and collaboratively work on shared resources.

  • Flexible data storage, sharing, and versioning capabilities
  • Collaboration for your team or integrated into your app
  • Work locally then sync when you push your changes
  • Easy querying, cleaning, and visualization
  • Integrate powerful version control and collaboration for your enterprise and individual customers

Collaborative Hub

  • Make it easy for remote data teams to work together on data projects
  • Let everyone use the tools and formats they know and love - full support for CSV versioning
  • Agile governance so you can scale self-serve analytics while keeping visibility
  • Track provenance and lineage automatically

Data Intensive Applications

  • The most natural and productive way to work with data
  • Flexible, rich and composable queries & strong schema support
  • Natively store data for graph, document and search needs
  • Forever open source

Data Discovery

  • Easily build catalogues on curated datasets allowing discovery both inside your organization, and outside using TerminusHub
  • Capture context and knowledge so it’s easy to understand, check, and build on what they produce
  • Reuse and adapt prior data work to give your team a head start
  • Make it easier for everyone to quickly find useful, accurate, trusted data

Introduction to TerminusDB & TerminusHub

Graph Database TerminusDB

TerminusDB: The Difference

The Principles That Drive Us

A database for the web age
Graph Database TerminusDB

TerminusDB allows data scientists and developers to access structured data, in URLs, using technologies they know and trust.

Databases should provide answers
Graph Database TerminusDB

Our rich query language WOQL is model aware and answers complex questions relating to time and geographical boundaries, relationships and connections. TerminusDB can find complex regular patterns on multi-level hops.

Industrial Strength
Graph Database TerminusDB

Transactional integrity remains the most important aspect of databases. TerminusDB is guaranteed ACID & provides consistent critical data transactions. TerminusDB combines development flexibility with genuine enterprise grade functionality.

Databases are for all
Graph Database TerminusDB

TerminusDB is open source, now and forever.

Databases = Law
Graph Database TerminusDB

Data should reflect the real world. Terminus supports schemas that control data according to real world rules, and stores data as objects that relate to real world entities.

Databases describes itself
Graph Database TerminusDB

The meaning of data belongs in the data. TerminusDB returns web objects, frame and structures for automatic visualisation. Rich schema support also validates and maintains data accuracy. Terminus can automatically generate sophisticated curation and analysis tools to allow users to access and manage the data they contain and to feed the results of these analyses into real-time automated workflows and learning algorithms.