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TerminusX: Dashboard

TerminusX is a self-service cloud data platform supporting diverse access and management patterns

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Time travel into the past and see a version of your data product exactly as it was when you committed it

The audit log allows organization admins to quickly review the actions performed by members at a glance

Real-time visualization of the number of commits in a day

Take a deep dive into your Product Models, Document Explorer & Product Explorer

Iterate Faster & Build Resilience

TerminusX is a document based graph platform, which means it stores data in JSON-like documents. The most natural way to think about data.

Increase Data Stability

TerminusX delivers data reliability underpinning your business critical services.

Improve Data Quality

Better predictions, insights, and answers from a quality data foundation.

Empower Domain Teams

Give ownership to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and skills of your domain teams.

Reduce Data Discovery Time

The TerminusX knowledge graph allows you to discover your entire data ecosystem.

Faster Time to Market

Collaboration and version control allow your empowered domain teams to deliver results quickly.

Greater Data Innovation

Gain flexibility to safely experiment with data and schema.

The Beating Heart of Your Enterprise Data Mesh

TerminusX delivers self-serve data infrastructure as a platform to enable domain autonomy. We provide tooling that supports a domain data product developer’s workflow of creating, maintaining and running data products.


of data science time is spent sourcing and preparing data


of time in the data lake is wasted looking for the correct data


billion wasted on centralized digital transformation in 2019


of digital transformations fail, most often due to employee resistance

3 Steps to a Data Product

Build a versioned data product in 90 seconds.

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