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TerminusCMS - Headless CMS for Complex Content and Data
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A Graph Headless Architecture for Content & Data

Connect content and data into a graph and use TerminusCMS as a headless architecture for data and content discovery, curation, and presentation across complex use cases. 

TerminusCMS - Headless Architecture for Content and Data
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What is TerminusCMS?

TerminusCMS is a headless content management system for knowledge graph management. Use it to build a graph-based headless architecture for collaborative human and machine-assisted knowledge graph curation. Key features include:

Document-Oriented Graph Data

Data and content is stored as JSON documents that are connected in a knowledge graph.

Low-Barrier Curation

Document frames are automatically generated from schema for curating data with validation and schema checking.

Git-for-Data Collaboration Tools

An immutable database with authentication, version control, time travel, branch, merge, and change request workflows at the data layer.


Serve data and content quickly via API. It also features a UI SDK to develop applications and dashboards directly from the schema.



VectorLink is a vector database that is included in TerminusCMS. It provides versioned indexing of your data and content. Using advanced AI techniques and OpenAI, VectorLink provides semantic search, entity resolution, and clustering to bring more power to the applications built with TerminusCMS. 

TerminusCMS Dashboard


What we're trying to solve

Knowledge graph projects tend to be large, spanning expert user groups. They need collaboration management and this is a problem. Knowledge graph curators need an easy-entry solution for collaborative data curation and data users need easy access for their needs.

Our aim for TerminusCMS is to provide developers with a system to model and build knowledge graph headless infrastructures for curating and sharing information. TerminusCMS aims to –

  • Make it easier and faster for developers – Using standards-based technologies such as JSON and RDF.
  • Give collaborative Git-like powers to data management teams – Immutable data with access control, change management workflows, and branch and merge features built into the database layer. Like Git, but for data.
  • Lower the technical barriers to those working with knowledge graphs  – Historically, Graph Databases have been hard work and difficult to curate and use data. Our JSON document-oriented graph, UI and UI SDK features aim to make it easier for teams to benefit from the power of graphs.

Where TerminusCMS fits

TerminusCMS is a solution that enables collaborative knowledge graph management. It has many use cases, but to narrow it down it excels in these areas –

CMS for Manufacturers

Many Products and Components

Large manufacturers, engineering companies, and businesses with global supply chains have huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured.

Companies that want to make sense of this spread of information require good data modeling, the ability to store diverse data types, understand complex relationships and enable global teams to work concurrently with traceability and workflows. TerminusCMS solves all of these requirements and more.

CMS for Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies

Detailed Provenance of Data

Biopharma and heavily regulated industries such as financial services require detailed provenance for regulatory compliance. From documentation to unstructured test data and imagery, data management is a major challenge with few solutions.

TerminusCMS' immutable database features full document history, storing all changes in its commit graph. Its document-oriented graph structure is ideal to connect diverse data into a queryable state and to leverage AI LLMs.

CMS for Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Collaborative Knowledge Bases

Teams, organizations, and companies that want to work together and collaborate to build datasets based around observations, experiments, and expertise require tools to enable collaboration with good governance.

TerminusCMS' Git-like collaboration model has change management workflows, branch, merge and diff and patch operations. With access control also in the data layer, many people can securely and safely curate shared knowledge.

TerminusCMS packages

Get started with TerminusCMS for free. The community tier has generous limits to build out MVPs with 3 teams, 10 projects, 100,000 API call/month, and storage for 10,000 documents.

There are two premium tiers fewer limits, professional is €100/month for 30 projects, 10 teams, and 1 million API calls per month. The Scale package gives you a dedicated compute resource with increased limits and is €600 per month.

Start for free with the community package and upgrade whenever you need.

Clone a demo content management to play with

Demos to play with

If you want to know more about TerminusCMS, the best thing to do is sign up and try one of our demo projects. To do this, sign up, select your team and then clone one or more of the demo projects.