An open-source in-memory document graph database

Build quickly with the simplicity of JSON documents and turn objects into powerful knowledge graphs to solve complex problems.

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What is TerminusDB?

TerminusDB is a powerful, in-memory document graph database enabling you to maximize your productivity and the value of your data. TerminusDB has numerous features and several interfaces enabling you to create data-intensive, immutable, and synchronized databases with built-in version control, collaboration, and workflows tools.

TerminusDB Python Client

What can you do with TerminusDB?

We started with academic roots, building Seshat’s Global History Databank. Since then TerminusDB’s open source graph database has been adopted by corporations, consultants, public bodies, and developers. Here are some of the things you can do with it.

Build your MVP fast

Create your app’s backend quickly. TerminusDB is immutable to build with app auditing from inception. Develop collaboratively with colleagues using branch, merge, and version control tools. The TerminusDB schema language enables documents and their relationships to be specified using simple JSON syntax, and its document SDK means you can turn your ideas into reality in a short timeframe.

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An enterprise-level graph database

Enterprise-level availability, functionality, performance, scalability, and stability. TerminusDB is a data-intensive, in-memory, high-speed and scalable platform suitable for both small and enterprise-level applications.

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Add an analytics or audit layer to your data stack

TerminusDB can act as an analytics or audit layer to your existing data stack. Fetch data downstream to build knowledge graphs of your business data for better analytics. The immutable database fully preserves data lineage and change history and when combined with TerminusDB’s powerful query language makes auditing and regulatory compliance easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient.

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Incorporate collaboration and time travel into your academic or medical research projects

TerminusDB’s version control, collaboration, workflow, and time travel features combined with the analytical power of knowledge graphs, make it the perfect toolkit to aid researchers and academics in their work. No more rebuilding knowledge graphs from scratch, roll-back, branch, and merge your data to improve how your research team's productivity.

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TerminusDB key features

TerminusDB is a feature-rich open source graph database with connected nodes as JSON documents. Here are some of the key features to help you build data-focused applications:

Easy entry to knowledge graph databases

TerminusDB’s schematic JSON syntax makes it as easy as possible to specify a JSON object to automatically convert to a graph. This approach enables data to be viewed as collections of documents or as knowledge graphs of interconnected objects.

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Build using JSON documents

TerminusDB is a document graph database with objects stored as JSON documents. This simplifies the development process by using a data interchange that is common and easy to work with.

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Build collaboratively in a structured and efficient way

TerminusDB uses delta encoding: a way of storing and transmitting data in the form of deltas (differences) between sequential data rather than complete files. Deltas are stored in succinct terminusdb-store structures. The delta encoding approach facilitates branch, merge, push, pull, clone, and time-travel to enable you to use workflows to build collaboratively in a controlled, structured, and efficient way.

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Immutability to audit build and data

TerminusDB is an immutable data store. When data is written to a store, it does not change or mutate existing data. The immutable nature allows for time travel and is supplemented with information about what was committed, at what date and time, and by whom. Data provenance is reliably tracked adding significant value to data in regulated environments and aiding application development by adding auditing from inception.

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Data-centric collaboration

TerminusDB is highly configurable with powerful features for rapidly and collaboratively creating synchronized, application-centric and data-centric databases. Maximize productivity through application and data-centric distributed development and collaboration.

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There are many more useful TerminusDB features, for further information visit our documentation pages.

TerminusDB Open Source Graph Database

Open Source now and forever

No need to sign up, handover card details, start building with TerminusDB for free. Install as a Docker container or from source code.

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