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Resolve with Precision: Unlock Data Harmony with our Entity Resolution Solution

Use TerminusCMS and VectorLink as an entity resolution solution to find, merge, organize, and reconcile your data and content.

How Entity Resolution Works in TerminusCMS

VectorLink is a vector database that comes with TerminusCMS. It provides semantic data and content management tools. 

One such use is as an entity resolution solution. Using advanced AI techniques and vector embeddings, VectorLink makes the challenging task of entity resolution simpler.

Traditional search methods struggle to capture the nuances of unstructured and text-based data. By transforming records into natural language text and utilizing OpenAI’s embeddings, VectorLink provides the ability to reconcile records at scale.

Using GraphQL query with Handlebars templates enables VectorLink to generate high-quality embeddings to ensure good semantic results.

VectorLink Key Features

TerminusCMS leverages vector embeddings, AI techniques and deep learning to provide entity resolution for content and data. Features include – 

Semantic Search

Utilize vector embeddings to perform accurate and efficient semantic searches

Vector Proximity

Your indexed data get stored as vectors with the ability to search vectors in close proximity.

Handlebars and GraphQL Combination

Combine GraphQL and Handlebars templates to generate high-quality vector embeddings.

Straightforward Embedding Definition

Define embeddings effortlessly with our intuitive approach opening it up for non-technical users.

Fast Retrieval

Powered by a Hierarchical Navigable Small World graph to ensure quick retrieval over large datasets with high recall.

Entity Resolution Sectors

Customer Data Integration

Merge and consolidate customer data from multiple sources, improving customer profiles, segmentation, and personalized marketing

Fraud Detection

Identify and link related entities across transactions or accounts, enabling early detection of fraudulent activities in financial transactions

Healthcare Data Management

Reconcile patient records from different healthcare systems, ensuring accurate medical histories, care coordination, and improved patient outcomes

Supply Chain Management

Consolidate and match supplier data, optimizing procurement processes and inventory management in complex supply chains

Legal and Law Enforcement

Identify connections between individuals, organizations, and events by linking data from various sources, aiding in investigations, detecting criminal networks, and supporting evidence-based decision-making


Enhance financial analysis by resolving entities across diverse data sources, facilitating accurate risk assessment, portfolio management, and compliance monitoring