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TerminusDB a document store and graph database

We Are Terminators

We’re a place for people who dream in code, and want to make real changes to how people curate, manage and store data.

Who We Are

TerminusDB, the company, is home to some of the most off-beat, hardworking, and creative engineers in the world. We cherish the oddballs, we are the oddballs. We are also our community who continue to help evolve and improve the product with their brilliance.

"Recognise excellence. Celebrate weirdness and innovation. Oddballs should be cherished, if they can do something other people can't do."
Anthony Bourdain

Purpose from unity

We find purpose when we are united. We are inspired by Asabiyya – a concept popularised in the 14th century by Ibn Khaldun. Asabiyya is a bond of cohesion among humans in a group forming a community.

open source

TerminusDB is open source now and forever. TerminusDB is for everyone; we’re all about love, not money.

System Thinking

We’re systems thinkers. Tektology – unifying all social, biological and physical sciences by considering them as systems of relationships – is how we look at the world.

Code & Craic

Every Friday we host a show on Twitch called Code & Craic. We mix it up, some weeks it’s live coding to build features, and other weeks we discuss newsworthy topics. You can join us at 3 pm CET every Friday on Twitch.

Come and say hi

If you’ve got questions, want to say hi, or need to talk to us, the best port of call is our Discord server. You’ll also find us on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube.