Document Graph Database with collaboration model


An in-memory, distributed, and open-source document graph database for people who want the convenience of documents with the query power of graph relationships. For people who want data to be the star of their builds.

A document-oriented graph database with version control & collaboration model

TerminusDB is an immutable database, storing changes as deltas. Immutability enables collaboration workflows, version control, diff and patch, time travel, and the ability to branch, clone, and merge your database. Use TerminusDB to model and build data-intensive, collaborative applications.  Its features include:

Faster Time to Market

TerminusDB & TerminusX are fast – really fast. Build an application MVP in a single sprint.

Schema First

The flexible and extendable JSON schema syntax acts as a blueprint to model data and develop scalable applications.


Automatically generate UIs and forms that have data validation as standard.

Like Git for Data

A versioning first database, fork, clone, branch, and merge, just like Git, to collaborate with colleagues, time travel, and develop with the safety of undo.

Document Oriented

Work with JSON documents and build relationships between documents in a powerful knowledge graph.


Quick to install, start building your apps in minutes.


Document store &
graph database

TerminusDB is the easiest way to build a knowledge graph. The schema connects JSON documents into a graph. With numerous features and several programming interfaces, TerminusDB is the right database for data-intensive, immutable, and synchronized applications. Its collaboration model provides Git-like operations such as workflows, time travel, and version control to help you build and to use as app functionality.

Making Collaboration

TerminusDB - Build data-intensive apps fast

The TerminusDB schema language connects JSON documents into a graph. It is a distributed database with a collaboration model, designed to be like Git, but for data. Model your data and schema, store data as JSON, and use graph relationships within your queries to build data-first apps.

Making Collaboration
Build collaborative applications and knowledge graphs

TerminusX - The Beta Builder

TerminusX is TerminusDB as a service. SOC 2 certified cloud hosting. Get your beta and MVPs to market fast. Featuring all of the Git-like collaboration features of TerminusDB to model data and build data-intensive apps. The easiest path to use a knowledge graph to build with intelligent data.   

Data mesh - Build data prodcuts

Build an ecosystem of data products to create a domain-oriented and decentralized data mesh. Start with one data product and extend from there to organically decentralized your architecture at a pace that works for the business and data team.

How TerminusDB is being used

TerminusDB is used by enterprise businesses, start-ups, academics, and hobby developers to build an array of applications. From application layers to knowledge banks, read our use cases to get inspiration about how you can utilize TerminusDB as your database backend.

Graph Database

TerminusX: Beta Builder

TerminusX is TerminusDB as a service. SOC 2 certified hosting. Build your beta and get to market fast. Scale up and deploy your own instance. With the simplicity of JSON combined with the power of knowledge graphs, TerminusX is the easiest way to build a graph.

TerminusDB and TerminusX dashboard
TerminusDB and TerminusX dashboard

Set up your document properties,
XSD types, and create linked
properties to set the edges of
your graph.

Create data products and set up
organizations and teams to
collaboratively work on them.
Time travel through the data
product, and connect to a client
of your choice.

Visually build your schema by adding
documents, subdocuments, and enums
to blueprint your applications.

Use the data product tools to branch
your data product, view, edit, and add
data, and to build and test queries.

DataChemist - Data and application consultancy services

Data Consultancy

We offer consultancy services as DataChemists across data-intensive application development, semantic CMS development, and entity resolution systems. We transform messy and inconsistent data sets into clean, structured, and integrated data. If you think you could do with some consultancy, get in touch to talk about your needs.