Schema Queries with WOQL

To use this HowTo, first clone the Star Wars demo into your team on TerminusCMS. You will then have access to the data needed for this tutorial.

Finding elements from the schema.

In order to query the schema, you can use graph arguments to WOQL. TerminusCMS stores each branch as a pair of graphs, an instance graph and a schema graph.

We can specify the graph by passing it as an argument to the quad word.

To find all classes in the schema we can write:

let v = Vars("cls");
quad(v.cls, "rdf:type", "sys:Class", "schema")

This results in:


The @schema denotes the default schema prefix, and makes it clear that this identifier lives in the schema name space rather than the data name space.

We can also use the typical triple word if we use from to set our default graph to schema instead of instance.

let v = Vars("cls");
  .triple(v.cls, "rdf:type", "sys:Class")