TerminusDB React Table

Learn how to include TerminusDB React Table components in your projects to display documents in an interactive table.


The best way to use @terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table is via the npm package that you can install with npm (or yarn if you prefer).

npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table

The library has two main components TDBReactTable and AdvancedSearch



Properties Description
start:Number The pagination start value, we view the row from start to start+limit
limit:Number Determines the amount of rows on any given page, the default value is 10
totalRows:Number The total number of rows
result:Array The data array to display in the table
config Table configuration. The main options are columns:Array<Column> required - The core columns configuration object for the entire table. rowClick : Function A function that acts as a callback when the table row is clicked
orderBy:Array - An array of sorting objects. The sorting object should contain an id key with the corresponding column ID to sort by. An optional desc key (defaults to false) - this information is stored in state
filterBy:Array - An array of objects, each having a column id and a corresponding filter value. This information is stored in state
downloadConfig:Object - The download config object should contain an filename for the file output, a headersLabel array with the list of columns to add to the files, and a className to style the download button component
setFilters:Function - A function that acts as a callback when the columns input filter is filled and the Enter key if pressed, row filters need to be implemented outside of the table
setOrder:Function - A function that acts as a callback when the columns sort arrow is clicked. Implement your own sorting outside of the table
setLimits:Function(currentlimit:Number,currentstart:Number) - A function that acts as a callback when the pageSize or the pageIndex changes in the table. You should implement your own sorting outside of the table
setHiddenColumns:Function(id:String, checked:Bool) - A function that acts as a callback when the hide/show check box if clicked

Column Options

The following options are supported on any column object you can pass to columns.

Properties Description
accessor:String - Function(originalRow, rowIndex) => any - Required - This string/function is used to build the data model for your column.
id: String - Required - This is the unique ID for the column. It is used as a reference in things like sorting, grouping, filtering etc.
Header: String - Optional, the column title, the id will used if this property is not provided
width:Number - Optional
minWidth: Number - Optional
maxWidth: Number - Optional
disableSortBy : Bool - Disables sorting of a column.
disableFilters:Bool - Disables filtering of the column.
renderer: String or Function - Optional, - The available values for the string value are json - number - string - image. If you pass a function instead, this will receive the table instance and cell model as properties and return a JSX object or a string
filter:Object - This object should have a type property, the available values for type are : list , number, string or boolean. Use an options object to set the operator for the filter to override the defaults


import  React, {useState,useEffect} from  'react';
import {TDBReactTable} from  '@terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table'
import {columnsConfiguration} from  './columnsConfiguration'
import  data  from  './data.json'
import  './terminusdb-react-table-main.css'
import {Container,Alert,Row} from  "react-bootstrap"

const  App = (props) =>{
    const [rowSelected, setRowSelected] = useState(false)
    const [limit, setLimit] = useState(5)
    const [start, setStart] = useState(0)
    const [filter, setFilter] = useState([])
    const [order, setOrder] = useState([])
    const  hiddenColumnsArr = ['_id','desc','MGLT','length',                          'cost_in_credits','max_atmosphering_speed','_speed','crew',

const [dataWithPagination, setData] = useState(data)
const  onRowClick = (row) =>{

const  tableConfigObj = {}
tableConfigObj.columns = columnsConfiguration
tableConfigObj.rowClick = onRowClick

const  setHiddenColumns = (id, selected)=>{
        //implement a setHiddenColumns function to store the status

const  changeFilters = (filterArr)=>{setFilter(filterArr)}
const  changeLimits = (currentlimit,currentpage)=>

const  changeOrders = (orderArr)=>{setOrder(orderArr)}

useEffect(() => {
    const  tmpData = data.slice(start,(limit+start))

return  <Container  className='my-5'>
    <Alert><pre>{`Row selected id ${rowSelected}`}
    You need to Implement a logic to change the Hidden status</pre> </Alert>

<Alert><pre>{`YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT A FILTER LOGIC, Table filter ${JSON.stringify(filter)}`}</pre></Alert>

<Alert><pre>{`YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT AN ORDER LOGIC, Table order ${JSON.stringify(order)}`}</pre></Alert>

<Row  className='width-100 overflow-auto text-break'  >
    config ={tableConfigObj}
    hiddenColumnsArr = {hiddenColumnsArr}
    setHiddenColumns = {setHiddenColumns}   
    setFilters = {changeFilters}

export  default  App;

Example TdbReactTable Code

TdbReactTable Code

Code sandbox



Properties Description
setFilter:Function(advFilter:Object) A function that acts as a callback when the advanced filter Filter Data button is clicked
fields:Object The Advanced Search fields description

Fields Options

The following options are supported on any files object that you can pass to field, the keys in fields are the ID of the field itself.

Properties Description
label:String - Required - the field label
type:string - Required - is the field widget match type for GraphQL
valueSources:Array - Required - for the default widget this is always ["value"]
typeValue:String - Required - the GraphQL value type (String,BigInt )
operators:Array - Optional - an Array of available operators
defaultOperator:String - Optional - the default operator for the type
fieldSettings - Optional - an Array of options for the valuetype ENUM
subfields - Optional - a list of subfields for the type !group valuetype Object

advancedSearchMatchType code

You can use the following method to format the advanced search fields

import {advancedSearchMatchType} from  "@terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table/advancedSearchUtils"

const  stringFormat = advancedSearchMatchType("String")
stringFormat.label= "myPropertyName"
const  fields = {"myPropertyName" :  stringFormat}

Code Examples of Advanced Search

AdvancedSearch Code

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