Edit documents in WOQL

To use this HowTo, first clone the Star Wars demo into your team on TerminusCMS. You will then have full access to the data needed for this tutorial.

We can get a document by Id, by using read_document. For instance, we can write:

let v = Vars("doc", "id");
and(isa(v.id, "People"),
    triple(v.id, "label", string("Bossk")),
    read_document(v.id, v.doc))

We can also add documents by using a variable. For instance, we can create a new planet for each individual in the star wars universe as follows:

let v = Vars("person", "name");
and(isa(v.person, "People"),
    insert_document(doc({'@type' : 'Planet', label: v.name})))