Set up VectorLink

VectorLink is a semantic indexer for TerminusCMS. It is a vector database that uses OpenAI, vector embeddings and GraphQL to provide AI-assisted semantic search, similar search, clustering and entity resolution.

To use VectorLink you need an OpenAI API key. The OpenAI key applies to the team and all data products within that team.

Set OpenAI API Key

To set your OpenAI Key -

  1. Log in to the user interface dashboard -
  2. Select a Team
  3. Select your Profile by clicking on ▼ at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Paste your OpenAI API key and press save.
  5. Check that the checkbox is ticked to ensure the automatic document indexing will run after every change request approval process

Add your OpenAI key in the relevant section within your profile