TerminusCMS Data Types

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:string W3C Character strings (but not all Unicode character strings)
xsd:boolean W3C true, false
xsd:decimal W3C Equivalent to xsd:double
xsd:integer W3C Arbitrary-size integer numbers

IEEE floating-point numbers

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:double W3C 64-bit floating point numbers incl. ∓Inf, ∓0, NaN
xsd:float W3C 32-bit floating point numbers incl. ∓Inf, ∓0, NaN

Time and date

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:date W3C Dates (yyyy-mm-dd) with or without timezone
xsd:time W3C Times (hh:mm:ss.sss) with or without timezone
xsd:dateTime W3C Date and time with or without timezone
xsd:dateTimeStamp - Date and time with required timezone

Recurring and partial dates

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:gYear W3C Gregorian calendar year
xsd:gMonth W3C Gregorian calendar month
xsd:gDay W3C Gregorian calendar day of the month
xsd:gYearMonth W3C Gregorian calendar year and month
xsd:gMonthDay W3C Gregorian calendar month and day
xsd:duration W3C Duration of time
xsd:yearMonthDuration - Duration of time (months and years only)
xsd:dayTimeDuration - Duration of time (days, hours, minutes, seconds only)

Limited-range integer numbers

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:byte W3C -128…+127 (8 bit)
xsd:short W3C -32768…+32767 (16 bit)
xsd:int W3C -2147483648…+2147483647 (32 bit)
xsd:long W3C -9223372036854775808…+9223372036854775807 (64 bit)
xsd:unsignedByte W3C 0…255 (8 bit)
xsd:unsignedShort W3C 0…65535 (16 bit)
xsd:unsignedInt W3C 0…4294967295 (32 bit)
xsd:unsignedLong W3C 0…18446744073709551615 (64 bit)
xsd:positiveInteger W3C Integer numbers >0
xsd:nonNegativeInteger W3C Integer numbers ≥0
xsd:negativeInteger W3C Integer numbers <0
xsd:nonPositiveInteger W3C Integer numbers ≤0

Encoded binary data

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:hexBinary W3C Hex-encoded binary data
xsd:base64Binary W3C Base64-encoded binary data

Miscellaneous XSD types

Type W3C spec Description
xsd:anyURI W3C Absolute or relative URIs and IRIs
xsd:language W3C Language tags per BCP47
xsd:normalizedString W3C Whitespace-normalized strings
xsd:token W3C Tokenized strings
xsd:Name W3C XML Names
xsd:NCName W3C XML NCNames