Cloning a Database with the Python Client

Before starting, you should create an account on TerminusCMS and get an API Token. You can read about this here.

This how-to will show how to clone a public database from TerminusCMS into your own TerminusCMS team.

Running the Python client with the API Token

Be sure to construct the Python client object first, and set the appropriate authentication token.

from terminusdb_client import Client
client = Client('')
client.connect(team='MyTeam', api_token='YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE')

Cloning the database

Check the TerminusCMS dashboard for a database that you want to clone. In this how-to, we will be using the Lego database as an example.

clone_url = ''
client.clonedb(clone_url, 'my_lego', remote_auth={'type': 'token': 'key': 'YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE'})

You now have the my_lego database cloned in your TerminusCMS team.

To verify whether the database has been successfully cloned, you can run: