DocumentsGraphqlTable Component

The DocumentsGraphqlTable component allows you to use GraphQL queries and visualize the results in a the TDBReactTable, you need to pass your instace of ApolloClient, the GraphQL query and the table and advanced search configuration. Read here for the configuration documentation.


Install the dependencies from npm

npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui
npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-react-table
npm install @terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui-templates


Properties Description
type The document type
gqlQuery The GraphQL query
apolloClient An apollo client instance - Apollo Client documentation
tableConfig An object with the table configuration to pass to the TDBReactTable Component
advancedSearchConfig An object with the advancedSearch configuration to pass to the AdvancedSearch Component
onRowClick A function that acts as a callback when the table row is clicked
onViewButtonClick A function that acts as a callback when the table row view button is clicked
onEditButtonClick A function that acts as a callback when the table row edit button is clicked
onDeleteButtonClick A function that acts as a callback when the table row delete button is clicked
showGraphqlTab A boolean property to enable the GraphQL query view tab


import React,{useEffect} from "react"
import {DocumentsGraphqlTable,useTDBDocuments} from "@terminusdb/terminusdb-documents-ui-template"
import {gql} from "@apollo/client"
 * @param {*} setSelected function to get selected document link by user 
 * @param {*} doctype document type selected
 * @returns 
export const DocumentSearchComponent = ({setSelected, doctype,apolloClient,tdbClient}) => {
    const {documentTablesConfig,getGraphqlTablesConfig} = useTDBDocuments(tdbClient)

    useEffect(() => {

    const querystr  = documentTablesConfig && documentTablesConfig.objQuery ? documentTablesConfig.objQuery[doctype].query : null
    const gqlQuery = querystr ? gql`${querystr}` : null
    const tableConfig =  documentTablesConfig && documentTablesConfig.tablesColumnsConfig ? documentTablesConfig.tablesColumnsConfig[type] : []
    const advancedSearchConfig = documentTablesConfig && documentTablesConfig.advancedSearchObj ? documentTablesConfig.advancedSearchObj[type] : null
    if(!gqlQuery || !tableConfig) return <div/>

    return  <DocumentsGraphqlTable tableConfig={tableConfig} 
                advancedSearchConfig ={advancedSearchConfig}
                showGraphqlTab={false} />


View the DocumentsGraphqlTable component integrated inside a dashboard here

DocumentSearchComponent full example JS code

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