Get Started
An overview of the ways to get started with TerminusDB.

Starting overview

Get started in minutes on Windows, Apple, or Linux with the steps below.


Install a TerminusDB server.


Start a TerminusDB server.


Create, query, and maintain your databases using several programmatic interfaces.

Installation overview

Interaction with TerminusDB databases is through the TerminusBD Server. The server provides a RESTful API using the JSON-LD exchange format. This enables you to develop applications with your toolchain to utilize the powerful features of graph search and storage.
To install a TerminusDB server and use TerminusDB databases programmatically in your applications, the installation options below are available. Click on an option for detailed install instructions.

Source code

Install from the source code in GitHub.

Docker container

Install as a Docker container also referred to as the TerminusDB bootstrap.

Javascript client

Install as a Node.js-based JavaScript Client.

Python client

Install as a Python Client. Also requires a Docker container installation.

Diagram: TerminusDB and TerminusX install options

Interfaces Overview

TerminusDB provides several interfaces for creating, querying, and maintaining your databases. Depending on the component/s you choose to install, you can interact with TerminusDB using one or more of the available interfaces listed below.
Use one or a combination of several TerminusDB interfaces.

Command Line Interface

The TerminusDB Command Line Interface (CLI.)


The TerminusX dashboard provides a visual interface.


The TerminusDB Javascript and Python Client APIs.


The TerminusDB Web Object Query Language (WOQL.)

Diagram: TerminusDB interfaces

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