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Graph Database Fundamentals Series

If you’re looking for a frank view of the graph database landscape, then have a read of our Graph Database Fundamentals Series.

RDF DB - Graph Database

Part 1: RDF

Explaining RDF, how it works and the problems with it.

Labeled Property Graph

Part 2: Labeled Property Graphs

Looking at the differences between RDF and Property Graphs.

graph fundamentals 3 graph schema languages

Part 3: Graph Schema Languages

Discussing the evolution of graph schema languages.

graph fundamentals linked data

Part 4: Linked Data

Walking through the doomed mid-2000s vision, to the key principles through to where it needs to go.

It all started with the history of all humanity

If you’re going to pick a complex dataset for a knowledge graph, it doesn’t get more complicated than the history of all human civilizations. That didn’t stop us however, we started with a big one and it helped shape TerminusDB, and, as a result, make it easier for you to build powerful graph database driven applications.

Articles about Knowledge Graph Databases

TerminusDB & TerminusX Use Cases

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