CAMS Building Climate Resilience

Critical Asset Management for Climate Resilience

An open-source project for good. Helping nations, cities, and communities use local knowledge with cutting edge technology to become climate resilient.

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Preview of the CAMS UI build with the TerminusDB UI SDK
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Learn more about the CAMS Project

CAMS is a critical asset management system developed as part of a voluntary effort, led by ARISE-US, a private-sector advisory group to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), and TerminusDB.

The project is open source and focused on providing a data-driven system to help islands, cities, and communities become disaster resilient. It does this by storing all critical asset data and the asset dependencies so a region understands not only what its critical assets are, but how one asset can impact other assets and the cascading effect of asset failures.

CAMS is a data-driven mobile and desktop application. Government officials and first responders use it to plan and respond to disasters. The application is designed to work on and offline in the event of an incident where power and connectivity cannot be guaranteed.

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See the CAMS project progress

We’ve made quite a bit of progress with CAMS since the project kicked off last year. You can see below a couple of videos we’ve put together showing how we build the application schema and a preview of the CAMS UI.

This video documents some of the work that went into building a schema for CAMS. CAMS overview CAMS is an open-source project. …

This video demonstrates the current progress with the CAMS UI. CAMS overview CAMS is an open-source project. The goal is to …