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Building a schema for CAMS

This video documents some of the work that went into building a schema for CAMS.

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CAMS overview

CAMS is an open-source project. The goal is to build a critical asset management system so that cities, islands, and communities have an understanding about their critical assets and the dependency and spatial relationships between them. 

By plotting assets and their relationships, users gain visibility of vulnerabilities and cascading failure chains should one of them fail during extreme weather events. The application helps first responders plan for and respond to disasters to build back faster and saves lives. 

Building a schema video overview

The video provides an overview of the project and also footage of a hackathon the CAMS team undertook in the project’s early stages. With a mix of technical, spatial, and geographic specialists, the team worked together to build the schema that essentially laid the foundations of the application. 

CAMS Building Climate Resilience

Learn more about CAMS

CAMS is an open-source project focused on building climate resilience for those who need it.  

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