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CAMS UI Preview

This video demonstrates the current progress with the CAMS UI.

Preview of the CAMS UI build with the TerminusDB UI SDK
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CAMS overview

CAMS is an open-source project. The goal is to build a critical asset management system so that cities, islands, and communities have an understanding about their critical assets and the dependency and spatial relationships between them. 

By plotting assets and their relationships, users gain visibility of vulnerabilities and cascading failure chains should one of them fail during extreme weather events. The application helps first responders plan for and respond to disasters to build back faster and saves lives. 

How the CAMS UI was developed

The CAMS team worked together with guidance from Dominica to build the application schema. This was achieved via hackathons and whiteboard sessions.

Our Senior Knowledge Engineer Kitty then got to work building the UI. TerminusDB creates document frames from the schema and using the platform’s Document UI SDK, the frontend was built directly from these frames.

A series of queries to establish the visual representation of asset relationships and TerminusDB’s map viewer to layer multiple assets on the map give users clear visual indicators as to where failure chains can occur.  This aids disaster planning and response. 

CAMS Building Climate Resilience

Learn more about CAMS

CAMS is an open-source project focused on building climate resilience for those who need it.  

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