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TerminusCMS & TerminusDB Document UI SDK Overview

This video provides an overview of the TerminusDB and TerminusCMS Document UI SDK. 

What is the Document UI SDK?

The TerminusDB and TerminusCMS documents user interface utility automatically generates UIs for the document definitions in your schema.

The utility takes frames, the JSON structure of your documents, as inputs and outputs forms in HTML format.

With the Document UI SDK, you can take these frames and build applications based on your schema for creating, editing, and viewing your JSON and geoJSON documents.

The playground shows many of the document property types in a schema and provides an example of –

If you’re building applications with TerminusDB or TerminusCMS, save development time by using the user interface software development kit.

GeoJSON Playground

Check out the UI playground for GeoJSON for displaying information on a map in various ways.

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