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TerminusDB a document graph database for data intensive applications

TerminusDB & TerminusCMS Use Cases

TerminusDB and TerminusCMS let you build quickly with the simplicity of JSON documents and turn objects into powerful knowledge graphs to solve complex problems. The possibilities for creating special applications are limitless. Please take a read below to see a selection of diverse use cases that our wonderful community our using our products for.

Excel collaboration use case

Excel Collaboration Use Case

TerminusX has been developed as an extension to Excel. The extension is called VersionXL and solves the collaborative issues teams have when working with spreadsheets to make business decisions.

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collaborative data ecosystem

Collaborative Data Ecosystem Use Case

Find out how TerminusDB has been implemented as the document graph database for a collaborative data ecosystem. It has a number of features to help collaborators upload data accurately in a more time-efficient way.

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Construction efficiency software use case

Construction Use Case

Find out how TerminusDB has been implemented as a communication layer to connect the different stages of construction projects to improve transparency, accuracy, and communication.

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Account Based Marketing Software Use Case

Account-Based Marketing Use Case

An ABM software business added TerminusDB as a layer on top of their software to use its revision control and JSON diff and patch features to improve data accuracy and marketing results for clients.

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