TerminusDB Document Graph Database with Collaboration Model
Data Collaborations at Scale


TerminusX and TerminusDB is a powerful, in-memory graph database enabling you to maximize your productivity and the value of your data.

TerminusX/DB has numerous features and several interfaces enabling you to create data-intensive, immutable, and synchronized databases with built-in version control and other Git-like operations.

TerminusDB & TerminusX Use Cases

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Interested in Data Mesh?

TerminusX is a data product builder and is designed for data mesh and decentralized data architectures. Take a look at our Data Mesh pages, or have a read of our articles on the subject.

Use Cases

Schema driven UI SDK

UI SDK Workshop

This video is a workshop for the TerminusDB UI SDK. TerminusDB automatically generates document frames from your schema and the SDK enables you to build

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