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TerminusDB is a multi-model database

TerminusDB – A Multi-Model Database for Collaboration

A multi-model database is a type of database that can store more than one data model within a single database management system (DBMS). The main advantage of a multi-model database is that it can support a range of data structures and types, which makes it very versatile and flexible for developers. One such multi-model database is TerminusDB, which is a graph database with JSON document nodes.

TerminusDB is designed to support both document-oriented and graph-oriented data models, which makes it a very powerful tool for building collaborative applications. The document-oriented model is useful for storing and retrieving unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data, while the graph-oriented model is ideal for modeling complex relationships between data objects.

One of the key benefits of using TerminusDB is its ability to handle complex data relationships. Developers can use the TerminusDB schema language to specify the relationships between data objects using simple JSON syntax. This approach makes it easy to convert a JSON object into a graph, which enables data to be viewed as collections of documents or as knowledge graphs of interconnected objects.

Another advantage of TerminusDB is its support for Git-like collaboration features. TerminusDB uses immutable data structures and delta encoding, which enables database branching, rollback, time travel, and change request workflows. This makes it easy for developers to collaborate on database projects, track changes, and maintain version control. These features can also be utilized by front-end devs to build collaborative applications.

In addition to its support for multiple data models and collaboration features, TerminusDB is also designed for scalability and performance. It can handle large volumes of data and complex queries, making it a good choice for building high-performance applications that require real-time data access.

Overall, TerminusDB is a powerful multi-model database that offers many benefits for developers looking to build collaborative applications. Its support for both document-oriented and graph-oriented data models, combined with its Git-like collaboration features, makes it a flexible and versatile tool for managing complex data relationships. If you’re looking for a data platform that can handle a wide range of data types and structures, and that supports collaboration and scalability, TerminusDB is definitely worth considering.


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