TerminusDB a document graph database for data intensive applications


TerminusX is now TerminusCMS. You still get SOC 2 certified hosting, but you also get a lot more features on top of what you already had. 

A platform to fly from 

TerminusX, now TerminusCMS, is suitable for building headless services for complex, connected, and/or collaborative applications.

Model semantically connected JSON documents in your schema. This auto-generates document frames for editing which can be exposed using REST, Datalog, & Graph APIs to build data-intensive applications fast.  

Start for free and scale up when you need. It features revision control, workflow, time travel, branch & merge, diff & patch, and many other features to incorporate into your builds. 


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TerminusX supports Python, JavaScript, and cURL, and includes a GUI to model and manage data products.

Manage your organizations and team members, model data, branch, clone, and merge your database, query, and create editable document frames from your schema to build UIs fast.

TerminusX is perfect for those looking to build data-intensive and collaborative applications that enable many users to share and use data concurrently.



Python Client

Use the Python client and connect it to TerminusX by generating an API token through the dashboard.

JavaScript Client

The JavaScript client works with nodejs 10+. Connect your client by generating an API token.

Graph Database
TerminusCMS Admin UI to Curate Data in a headless CMS

Front-end developers
can build quickly with
JSON and GraphQL

Manage your teams,
access tokens, time
travel, and create
new projects.

Editing frames are 
auto-generated from
the schema along with
validation & localixation

Schema modeler,
document explorer,
GraphQL & Datalog
API playground, &
change request