TerminusDB a document graph database for data intensive applications


TerminusX is now TerminusCMS. You still get SOC 2 certified hosting, but you also get a lot more features on top of what you already had. 

A platform to fly from 

TerminusX, now TerminusCMS, is suitable for building headless services for complex, connected, and/or collaborative applications.

Model semantically connected JSON documents in your schema. This auto-generates document frames for editing which can be exposed using REST, Datalog, & Graph APIs to build data-intensive applications fast.  

Start for free and scale up when you need. It features revision control, workflow, time travel, branch & merge, diff & patch, and many other features to incorporate into your builds. 

Graph Database
TerminusCMS Admin UI to Curate Data in a headless CMS

Front-end developers
can build quickly with
JSON and GraphQL

Manage your teams,
access tokens, time
travel, and create
new projects.

Editing frames are 
auto-generated from
the schema along with
validation & localixation

Schema modeler,
document explorer,
GraphQL & Datalog
API playground, &
change request