TerminusDB a document graph database for data intensive applications


TerminusX is TerminusDB as a service. SOC 2 certified hosting. Build your beta and get to market fast. Scale up and deploy your own instance. With the simplicity of JSON combined with the power of knowledge graphs, TerminusX is the easiest way to build a graph.

A platform to fly from 

TerminusX is data product-focused. Model data products of schematically connected JSON documents. Expose document endpoints using an API to build data-intensive applications fast.  

The service is free for developers looking for a data platform to build a beta and scale up. It features revision control, workflow, time-travel, branch & merge, diff & patch, and many other features that provide developers tools to build the next generation of data-intensive applications. 


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TerminusX supports Python, JavaScript, and cURL, and includes a GUI to model and manage data products.

Manage your organizations and team members, model data, branch, clone, and merge your database, query, and create editable document frames from your schema to build UIs fast.

TerminusX is perfect for those looking to build data-intensive and collaborative applications that enable many users to share and use data concurrently.



Python Client

Use the Python client and connect it to TerminusX by generating an API token through the dashboard.

JavaScript Client

The JavaScript client works with nodejs 10+. Connect your client by generating an API token.

Graph Database
TerminusDB and TerminusX dashboard

Set up your document properties,
XSD types, and create linked
properties to set the edges of
your graph.

Create data products and set up
organizations and teams to
collaboratively work on them.
Time travel through the data
product, and connect to a client
of your choice.

Visually build your schema by adding
documents, subdocuments, and enums
to blueprint your applications.

Use the data product tools to branch
your data product, view, edit, and add
data, and to build and test queries.

DataChemist - Data and application consultancy services

Data Consultancy

If you need help taking your beta to the next level. We offer a range of consultancy services to help you scale.