TerminusX: A toolkit to build applications and data products

TerminusX is a cloud self-service data platform built on TerminusDB to enable rapid and collaborative development of applications and data products.

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What is TerminusX?

TerminusX is a powerful, in-memory document graph database enabling you to maximize your productivity and the value of your data all securely through the cloud. TerminusX has numerous features and several interfaces enabling you to create data-intensive, immutable, and synchronized applications and data products that come with built-in version control, collaboration, and workflows tools.

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Time travel into the past and see a version of your data product exactly as it was when you committed it

The audit log allows organization admins to quickly review the actions performed by members at a glance

Real-time visualization of the number of commits in a day

Take a deep dive into your Product Models, Document Explorer & Product Explorer

What can you do with TerminusX?

TerminusX is a flexible and scalable toolkit ideal for enterprise usage and those looking to build and grow apps. Use cases include:

Build scalable data applications fast

TerminusX enables rapid development and deployment of applications and data products. Extendable and flexible schemas help you to experiment and test, workflow and collaboration tools mean you can efficiently build with others, and the easy JSON document graph database generation provides a solid relationship-driven backend for data-intensive applications.

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Data mesh

TerminusX is made for data mesh. Build a decentralized architecture of connected data products with centrally aligned governance. Build one data product at a time and gradually establish an enterprise-wide knowledge graph incorporating business logic for better understanding and use of data. Allow teams to self-serve data their data requirements and use collaborative workflows for application and service advancements. Grow your data mesh organically with TerminusX.

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Analytics layer/Data fabric

Fetch data downstream to build schema-checked knowledge graphs of your business data for better analytics. The immutable database fully preserves data lineage and change history and when combined with TerminusX’s powerful query language makes understanding and extracting actionable decisions from data easier to obtain.

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Headless regulatory compliance engine

Build your headless regulatory compliance engine to speed up and lower the costs of regulatory compliance. Combine your organization’s functionalities, rules, and processing flows into the body to create reporting in a programmatic way using lightweight APIs to allow regulatory data stored on back-end systems to be delivered across multiple jurisdictions.

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Collaborative knowledge graphs for free thinkers

Complex issues with data often require the power of a knowledge graph. TerminusX is the easiest way to start building complex and sophisticated knowledge graphs of dispersed and varying data. Work collaboratively with peers across the globe to create interconnected data products and use flexible and extendable schema to experiment and play with data to find solutions in the riddle of complex data.

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TerminusX key features

TerminusX is the SaaS version of TerminusDB. Here are some of the key features to help you build data-focused applications:

The right tools to help you build your backend fast

Flexible schemas, multiple operational APIs and analytical end-points, collaboration and workflow tools to fork, branch, and merge data, easy development in JSON, connected JSON document knowledge graphs, and the ability to time-travel, audit and version control your build, TerminusX is a toolkit to make development faster and more efficient.

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Extend the functionality of your existing platforms

Don’t want to move databases, but need some of TerminusX’s features, then use TerminusX to bolt on features to your existing backends. Add schema checking, audit changelogs, or build a knowledge graph to analyze your organization’s data by layering TerminusX without rebuilding from scratch.

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Easy entry to knowledge graph databases

TerminusX’s schematic JSON syntax makes it as easy as possible to specify a JSON object to automatically convert to a graph. This approach enables data to be viewed as collections of documents or as knowledge graphs of interconnected objects.

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Increased data stability

Enterprise-level stability and reliability, essential for business and mission-critical services.

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Collaborate on a global scale

TerminusX uses delta encoding that enables you to branch, merge, push, pull, clone, your database. It also features revision control, time travel, and workflows to build collaboratively and limitlessly experiment in a controlled, structured, and efficient way. Utilize the data, skills, and knowledge of your global community.

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There are many more useful TerminusX features, for further information visit our documentation pages.

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