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CMS for Manufacturers

Headless CMS for Manufacturing Data

TerminusCMS is a headless CMS platform that connects your data, teams, and processes to improve productivity, communication, and customer service.

Change Request Workflows
Graph Analytics Engine

TerminusCMS at a Glance

An open-source solution for the challenges of manufacturing. Here is a quick look at feature highlights, more details about the challenges, solutions, and benefits of TerminusCMS are listed below.


With a single GraphQL endpoint, use an API query language you know to create frontends for internal and external users and customers

Change Request Workflows

Collaboration, QA, and approval workflows to fit the methodologies of your teams

Revision Control

Data and content are immutable giving you the ability to branch, merge, diff, rollback, and time-travel

Analytics Engine

AI/ML semantic CMS capabilities when you couple GraphQL with Datalog in our analytics engine

Content & Data Collaboration & Federation

Integrate data, compare versions of content, automate approval processes, and work collaboratively with no lock editing

TerminusDB Logo all white svg



Manufacturers are rich in data, products, and processes. Information about machine performance, product specifications, the supply chain, and distribution channels is spread across different platforms and made available to the relevant people in unconnected ways, causing many issues.

Complex and Varied Content Requirements

There is no single platform to manage the diverse content & data requirements for manufacturers. These range from internal process reporting, to supply chain information, through to component level specifications

High Technical Debt and Complexity

Managing an array of applications, dashboards, and ETL processes is both costly, time-consuming, and can result in excess technical debt

Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Understanding

Having an array of systems across complex processes makes it difficult to use analytics, AI, & ML to gain meaningful insights

Omnichannel Communication

Managing communication of data and content across distribution, direct to customers, and internal departments incurs significant costs and time

Using the Past to Benchmark

As products, processes, and communications change over time, it is important to be able to see what the past looked like to better understand the present and future


TerminusCMS is an API-first, semantic, and natively revision-controlled headless CMS. It specializes in helping manufacturers with complex data and content requirements to model and build omnichannel content delivery, analytics, and internal discoverability.

Schema & Content Modeling

Model the content and data schema to create a semantic enterprisewide blueprint. Model your schema as code or with the graphical interface. All schema properties are automatically defined within GraphQL

Content Federation

Treat data as content and content like data. Ingest data from applications and utilize external sources to enrich the content generated by your teams. Content is federated into reusable blocks across any channel

Build Custom Workflows

Define roles and permissions, and use the native change request workflow and approval processes to ensure accuracy

Collaboration Model

TerminusCMS has an immutable data store and this allows teams to work concurrently across large content pieces with no-lock editing and conflict management to enhance cross-divisional collaboration

Revision Control for Everything

The revision-control features of TerminusCMS include push, pull, and clone, time travel, rollback, and the ability to compare two documents from any point of its lifecycle

Semantic Analytics

Use GraphQL as a sophisticated query language. Data and content are connected into graph relationships and with a background Datalog query language, use GraphQL as a powerful analytics engine

Open-Source and Extendable

Connect your processes, people, and products with TerminusCMS to share company knowledge across channels. Improve productivity, efficiency, and customer service. Benefits include -

Best practice in data management for CMS requires version control


If you’re building a headless CMS for clients or your employer, TerminusCMS provides the following benefits:

Lower Costs and Technical Debt

Reduce the number of platforms, ETL pipelines, and databases you need to maintain and support. TerminusCMS is open source and extendable significantly reducing license fees

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

The federation of content, data, and user enrichment makes information and knowledge available in reusable blocks to people who need it. From production to packaging, to sales, provide the information needed to let people get on with their jobs

Fit the Methodology of your Teams

Transfer the specialized knowledge of your departments and processes by providing custom workflows for teams to enrich enterprise-wide knowledge as part of their daily routine

Collaborate & Extend Safely

The revision control features of TerminusCMS means you can grow with safety and control. All changes to data and content are stored and can be queried or restored. Branch your schema and data to develop and test without impacting live services

Lower the Cost of Innovation

With development tools to branch, build, test, and merge changes to your content infrastructure, you can easily evolve how and to whom you communicate information

Improve Sales, Marketing & Service

Federate content, assets, and data and deliver omnichannel personalized content to improve the relevance of sales, marketing, and customer service communications

Unleash the Power of Analytics

Using content like data and semantic mapping it enables you to leverage the GraphQL + Datalog query capabilities of TerminusCMS to gain insights and make decisions based on the data and knowledge of your entire enterprise