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CMS for Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies

Pharmaceutical & Medical CMS

For Medical and Pharmaceutical firms seeking innovative ways to lower the cost of governance, compliance, and documentation.

Semantic Connections
Analytics Engine

TerminusCMS at a Glance

An open-source solution for the challenges of medical and pharmaceutical firms. Here is a quick look at feature highlights, more details about the challenges, solutions, and benefits of TerminusCMS are listed below.


With a single GraphQL endpoint, use an API query language you know to create frontends for internal and external users and customers.

Change Request Workflows

Collaboration, QA, and approval workflows to fit the methodologies of your teams

Revision Control

Data and content are immutable giving you the ability to branch, merge, diff, rollback, and time-travel

Analytics Engine

AI/ML semantic CMS capabilities when you couple GraphQL with Datalog in our analytics engine

Content & Data Collaboration & Federation

Integrate data, compare versions of content, automate approval processes, and work collaboratively

TerminusDB Logo all white svg



Pharmaceutical and medical companies are complex operations. From discovery to launch, there are vast amounts of data, documentation, and content required for researchers, medical professionals, patients, and legislative bodies. TerminusCMS is designed for complex content infrastructures, helping with challenges such as –

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Cross-departmental data and content sharing due to disparate applications and methodologies

Surfacing Clinical Trial Data

Clinical trial results often get published in medical papers and journals making it difficult for medical professionals to access and absorb

External Research Discovery

Access to research and external data is a slow process impacting researchers and the discovery team’s productivity

Federating Content for All Users

Content, data, and assets are required for patients, medical professionals, and internal teams, this process is disjointed making it time consuming and costly

Lower the Cost of Compliance

Pharma & Medical companies are content and data-rich with important information required for governance and regulatory compliance. Without semantic connections discovering and using this information is a costly and time consuming challenge.


TerminusCMS semantically connects and federates content in complex environments. Deliver user-relevant information to an array of frontends with GraphQL. The analytics engine makes data, content, and assets discoverable and reusable. Here are some of the solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical content challenges.

Change Request Workflows

Change request workflows and approval processes for to ensure accuracy of inputted data and documentation.

Use Your History

TerminusCMS is immutable and all changes are saved as deltas. See how development evolves. Its native revision control lets you roll back, time-travel, and compare any data or content throughout its lifecycle

Clinical Trial Results as Content

Researchers can use TerminusCMS to collate trial results and publish them for others to query and use as content

Bring External Data In

Ingest external data and papers and create semantic connections to help researchers find the information to aid and support their work

Content Federation

The revision-control features of TerminusCMS include push, pull, and clone, time travel, rollback, and the ability to compare two documents from any point of its lifecycle

EMA & FDA Applications

Support EMA and FDA applications by modeling application requirements to automate and speed up the documentation process

Analytics Engine

AI/ML semantic CMS capabilities when you couple GraphQL with Datalog in our analytics engine to make data and content queryable

Best practice in data management for CMS requires version control


TerminusCMS helps you connect teams, data, and content to improve your productivity, stakeholder comms, and lower the cost of managing and publishing content

Faster Discovery and Development

Make external data and papers quicker to discover and use. Capture data about shortlisted compound tests such as dosage, side effects, and usage to reuse as content. Turn test data into information for the preclinical research team to hit the ground running

Better Patient Care

Enable medical professionals to query clinical trial results to determine the best fit for their patient demographics

Efficient EMA/FDA Application and Review

Create content models to automatically generate the backbone of your applications using the data and content generated from the discovery, development, and trial phases

Lower Content Production Costs

TerminusCMS reduces duplication of work by connecting teams, federating content, and making it reusable. It is open-source and available to extend without limits saving considerable software licensing fees

Reduce Technical Debt & Complexity

Managing the data and content requirements across teams, applications, and ELT pipelines is costly and time-consuming. Reduce your technical debt with TerminusCMS