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CMS Builder for Consultants & Developers
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Collaborative Knowledge Management

A solution to enable safe collaboration over complex data.  Build and deliver knowledge where it’s needed with TerminusCMS.

Git-like collaboration

Document graph database

Graph query + vector search

TerminusCMS at a Glance

A knowledge graph management platform for the collaborative curation of high-quality data. 

Git-Like Revision Control

Compact deltas enable fast query of any past or current commit to allow branch, merge, diff, and time travel.

Data Pull Requests

Pull request workflows (change requests) are built into the data layer.


Use REST and GraphQL APIs to serve data and content.

Analytics Engine

Graph query plus vector search using OpenAI.

Data Curation

Document editing UI auto-generated from the schema complete with validation.

TerminusDB Logo all white svg



Do you need CMS functionality for data, provenance over it, a way for domain experts to share knowledge, or a way to model and discover insights from complex data sets? If so, TerminusCMS might be for you.

Collaborative Knowledge Management Needs Revision Control

If you have experts curating data for services and products you need version control to maintain accuracy. This is hard to build and uncommon in data management platforms.

Modeling Complex Infrastructures with Graph Databases is Hard

Most graph databases have a high technical barrier and a small pool of expertise. This makes using knowledge graph data difficult.

Managing Database Divergences

Applications that rely on information from multiple sources need ways to deal with database divergences to maintain integrity.

Understanding Data Provenance

Where data accuracy is essential understanding its provenance is important and difficult to achieve.


TerminusCMS is designed from the ground up to solve the problems of distributed revision control over knowledge graphs. It is Git for knowledge management.

Immutable Delta Encoding

TerminusCMS keeps versions of everything in an extremely compact delta format (succinct data structures).

Query All History

TerminusCMS is able to query any past or current database commit. Complete transparency of data provenance .


Data version access enables collaboration with diff/merge management to empower the use of CI/CD and to mange database divergences.

Schema Control

An easy to model JSON based schema auto-generates a data curation UI complete with validation and schema checks.

Headless Architecture

Work with JSON and GraphQL to build front-ends fast, lowering the technical barriers to knowledge graph entry.

Semantic Powers

Knowledge graph plus vector search provides similar search and clustering capabilities.

Scale to billions of nodes


TerminusCMS is a unique solution that aims to lower the technical hurdles for those wanting to build solutions around knowledge graphs with collaboration and provenance at its heart.

Fast and Convenient Development

Standards based approach (JSON & RDF) combined with native revision control to branch, test, and release helps you to develop fast.

Collaboration with Control

Immutable delta encoding and version history query enables a suite of Git-like data management features to maintain data quality and reduce downtime.

Model Complex Content Infrastructures

Document-graph oriented database and simple JSON based schema makes building complex knowledge graphs more accessible.

Data Provenance

When the history of your data matters, TerminusCMS lets you know what happened when, who changed what, and can compare difference states of your data.

Scale Big

TerminusCMS' sparing use of memory has huge performance benefits over other NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and, Neo4j.

AI for Your Data

TerminusCMS comes with vector search enabling you to capture the semantic relationships between data items, enabling efficient and accurate similarity-based querying