CMS Builder for Consultants & Developers

Headless CMS Builder for Devs & Consultants

A semantic, revision-controlled headless CMS builder for consultants building complex document and content solutions

Change management and collaboration workflows

GraphQL to quickly build fast frontends

Semantic graph for native analytics

TerminusCMS AT a glance

An open-source solution for the challenges of building complex data-intensive CMS solutions. Here is a quick look at feature highlights, more details about the challenges, solutions, and benefits of TerminusCMS are listed below.


With a single GraphQL endpoint, use an API query language you know to create lightening fast front ends

User & Developer Workflows

Collaboration, QA, and approval workflows to fit the methodologies of your teams

Revision Control

Data and content are immutable giving you the ability to branch, merge, diff, rollback, and time-travel

Analytics Engine

AI/ML semantic CMS capabilities when you couple GraphQL with Datalog in our analytics engine

Content & Data Collaboration & Federation

Integrate data, compare document versions, automate approval processes & work collaboratively with no lock editing




Existing headless CMS solutions are great for websites and consumer apps, but when it comes to complex infrastructures CMS developers have many challenges, including…  

Development Environment

Struggle with versioning, audit logs, and divergences between development, staging, and production databases

Modeling Complex Infrastructures

Do not meet the needs of complex content, data, and documentation environments

Change Management Workflows

Basic change management features that are not suitable for diverse teams producing and publishing content collaboratively

True Graph Queries

Lack of analytical power to understand how content relates to each other and to treat content as data to derive meaning and actionable insights


TerminusCMS is a headless CMS for complex content and documentation environments. Consultants and developers can build solutions that provide:

Change Management Workflows

TerminusCMS ships with change request workflows. Change requests automatically create a branch of the data for changes to be made safely away from production. With rebase, merge and conflict resolution tools, it is designed for collaboration.

Scalable and Extendable Headless CMS

Push, pull, and clone the schema, content, and data in TerminusCMS. The ability to branch, develop, test, and merge make it easy to scale and extend solutions away from production.

Auditability for End-Users and Developers

TerminusCMS is natively revision controlled with every commit stored in a commit graph. Stored as deltas, commits provide versioning and audit logs, and when combined with TerminusCMS’ diff and patch capabilities, users and developers can compare any change over its lifetime.

Schema Modeling as Code

Model content and documentation schema as code or via a graphical user interface. Build the schema in JSON and create the relationships to tie content, data, and assets together.

Federated Content Like Data

Content and documentation is stored as JSON documents and treated like data. Together with user enrichment, data sources, and semantic relationships, the company knowledge can be used to satisfy the internal and external information requirements of stakeholders.

Semantic Knowledge of Complex Environments

Under the hood of TerminusCMS is a graph database connecting documents, assets, and data. Make content discoverable for reuse and utilize TerminusCMS' AI/ML semantic CMS capabilities when you couple GraphQL with Datalog in our analytics engine.

Best practice in data management for CMS requires version control


If you’re building a headless CMS for clients or your employer, TerminusCMS provides the following benefits:

Fast and Convenient Development

TerminusCMS’s native revision control and collaboration model enables you to develop incrementally without disruption to live services. Branch, test, and release in regular cycles to build solutions quickly.

Give Users an Experience Tailored to Their Methods

Collaboration workflows that fit your teams’ methodologies. Integrate these features into front-end development to build collaborative applications.

Model Complex Content Infrastructures

Model content infrastructures to incorporate parts, processes, supply chain logistics, and much more into a usable schema to build upon. Perfect for engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technology use cases.

Extend and Scale Quickly Without Disruption

Stakeholder communication evolves, presenting new opportunities to enhance content delivery. TerminusCMS' revision control and Git-like features lets you create dev and staging environments instantaneously without impacting production.

Create User-Relevant Dynamic Frontends

Use data sources, external data, assets, and user-enriched content to deliver the right information to the right people. With semantic relationships, it is easier to suggest and recommend users in their discovery journey.

Unlock the Potential of Analytics

Semantic content treated like data to extract meaning from it. GraphQL for easy API access coupled with Datalog allows backend and frontend users to utilize powerful queries to find, use, and manipulate data on the fly.