September Newsletter

September Newsletter: TerminusX public beta is here

Hello Terminators,

We’re delighted to let you know that TerminusX is now in beta and available for you to explore.

To have a play, click on the link below and follow the prompts.

TerminusX Beta

A little more about TerminusX

TerminusX is a self-service data platform that allows you to build, deploy, execute, monitor, and share versioned data products. It combines the power of knowledge graphs with the simplicity of documents.

TerminusX’s revision control is the enabler of collaboration – access, share, & work on the same asset in a controlled way.

Move away from the centralized monolithic beast and build a decentralized data mesh of connected data products with TerminusX.

For more information about TerminusX get the TerminusX Whitepaper.

What is a data product?

The data mesh and treating data as a product is still a relatively new paradigm. TerminusX is a platform to help you build one data product at a time, and infinitely scale as new data emerges to keep you agile. This article helps to explain data products and how product thinking can help make data more accessible and accurate.

What is a data product?

You can find the beta documentation here (this is in beta too), and any issues and discussions can be logged here. Finally, our team will be available via our Discord community channel to chat.

All the best,


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