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Ultra-Retro Home Computers

This is a recording of our All Hands Meeting on January 28th 2022. It was presented by Mark Mehmet who is our technical writer. 

Mark is responsible for most of our wonderful documentation pages.

In this presentation, Mark takes us on a trip down memory lane, and for some of the older team members, nostalgic memories of hours lost to these ultra-retro home computers. From the BBC Micro to the Commodore 64, if you like computers, this presentation will be fun for you.

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Chuckie Egg

All Hands Meetings

Every Friday we host an All Hands meeting. One of the team presents each week on a topic of their choosing, be it professional or personal. 

As an open-source company, we aim to share our methods as well as our code. Hopefully, you can get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and what our plans are.

If you want to come and talk with us, join us on Discord.

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