TerminusDB Release Preview

TerminusDB Release Preview

The latest release of TerminusDB is nearly upon us and we thought we’d provide a little prelaunch info to whet your appetite. 

If you’re unfamiliar with TerminusDB, it is an open-source revision control graph database enabling teams to autonomously build, curate, and share versioned data products. In this new version we’ve taken the best of document stores and merged it with knowledge graph to bring you a document orientated knowledge graph which is an exciting development. The features include:

You can use the database programmatically as Data Products allowing you to:

  • Store data
  • Query your data products
  • Retrieve your data as JSON (and use standard ETL tools to transform)


TerminusDB gives access to these data products from its dashboard allowing you to:

  • Explore your data products as linked documents
  • Manage your organisations data products 
  • Query your data products


TerminusDB is based on a Document-orientated knowledge graph merging the best of document stores and knowledge graphs.

  • You can store/retrieve JSON documents
  • You can query the connections between these documents as a graph
  • TerminusDB has a strong and simple schema language designed for specification of linked documents


TerminusDB retains all of the time-travel and revision control features with a simpler interface.

  • Multiple data collections in a data product can be mixed and matched and advance them at their own pace. 
  • Transactional ACID management over all collections in a data product.
  • Query across multiple data products.


TerminusDB gives access to important metadata which tracks data lineage and data provenance.

You’ll be the first to get the full details of the latest release in the coming weeks.

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