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TerminusDB a headless CMS

TerminusDB – a headless CMS?

TerminusDB a headless CMS? That’s correct, you read it right. Having listened to our community over the past few years, it became clear that many of the TerminusDB applications built by our users crossed into headless CMS territory.

Are we a WordPress or Drupal alternative? Certainly not. They serve a purpose for brochure websites, but not what we’re focused on. We have grown to understand that what many organizations are looking for is content management for complex environments – content infrastructure.

Think knowledge bases for academics, inventory management for manufacturing, supply chain logistics, and research and development for pharmaceutical organizations. These examples all require the curation of content and data in complex and connected environments.

This is where TerminusDB, the headless CMS comes into play. It is what we’ve been working on for the past couple of months to update some of TerminusDB’s native features so they fit nicely into the headless CMS world. 

Content infrastructure for the connected world. Back-office, front-of-house, applications, dashboards, all powered by data and curated content from across the organization. 

The features we’re improving and implementing include:

  • Schema as code
  • Amazing editing interface automatically generated from schema – for non-technical users to curate content
  • Customizable workflows and approval pipelines
  • Extremely fast publishing
  • Fast and powerful content querying
  • Powerful schema migration, i.e. immutable schema to extend and/or copy
  • GraphQL API & advanced query builder

It is often with a great deal of pain that a developer gets involved in CMS projects. Whether it’s the endless plugin architectures or inflexible programming choices, CMS projects tend to be an unsatisfying experience. We want TerminusDB to be code-first and dev friendly to give devs all of the tools they need to build content infrastructure quickly so you can hand it over to users to look after themselves.

TerminusDB will still come with all of the features you’d expect like git-like collaboration, but you’ll have more tools to build brilliant applications, headless content management systems, and more. 

Does management want a new dashboard that they won’t look at in 12 months? No problem, model and built it fast with TerminusDB. It’s flexible, scalable, and extendable. Making it easier for devs and more agile for business.

We’re making great progress and hope to have a Lego demo for you to clone and play with soon. We’ll be merging all of the features we’re working on into TerminusDB and they should be with you in January 2023.


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