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Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse 6

Hello and welcome to the sixth edition of Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse which shares interesting articles about this world. We share a lot of content via our Discord channels so thought we’d share the love and provide a regular update as to what’s been floating our boats.

The Data Mesh Queen talks…well, data mesh.

Joe Reis and Matt Housley of Ternary Data interview Zhamak Dehghani about all things data mesh. This hour-long YouTube video takes the format of an informal Q&A and is a great place to start learning more about data mesh.

Build your ontology without trying

Semantic web expert, author, and Principal Consultant at Working Ontologist LLC, wrote this nice article for Data Science Central. He provides a shortcut for building an ontology to map out a knowledge graph based on a use-case method. 

How to get started on an ontology without really trying  

Modern data products

Joe Reis has been on a roll of late. Another superb video event on LinkedIn saw him joined by his pal Matt along with Chad Sanderson and the Father of Data Warehousing, Bill Inmon. They discuss how data architecture has historically been a last-minute necessity purchase, rather than something that is planned, resulting in the muddle many organizations find themselves in today. The video also looks at what a modern data product should look like and spends time focusing on the people element to make it a fascinating watch.

Give me data ownership, give me power

I’m not lying, I’m AI

Now that Google’s Lamda has been outed as sentient, AI discussion has been a lot more mainstream of late. This article from Forbes looks at how knowledge graphs will make AI more trustworthy by having the ability to plot relationships more effectively to improve upon the AI that we know today.

Knowledge graphs will lead to trustworthy AI 

RIP data modeling

Chad Sanderson makes his second appearance in this edition of Metaverse, but this time flying solo. In his regular blog, he wrote about the death of data modeling following a LinkedIn post on the same subject that gained traction. The post talks about the importance of data modeling to form a semantic understanding of data so that it relates to the real world, how and where it’s all gone wrong, and how the industry should fix it. 

The death of data modeling 

Data mesh for start-ups 

Data mesh is normally referred to when speaking about enterprise organizations. This 3 points ‘dead-simple’ blueprint for data mesh focuses on start-ups to get them to become data-driven. Written by Sven Balnojan for Towards Data Science, the article is an interesting and refreshing take to what’s normally discussed about data mesh.

A data mesh blueprint for startups

Smart buildings and knowledge graphs 

This interesting article from Ontotext discusses the influx of data from smart buildings and the need for knowledge graphs to extract meaning from the data to keep the buildings smart. As IoT devices infiltrate our lives more and more, making use of this data makes buildings more energy-efficient, cost effective, and provides improved occupants’ experiences.

Can your house do arithmetic?  

Take back control with a personal knowledge graph

This 10-minute video from Ashleigh Faith nicely explains how personal knowledge graphs are making headway into the knowledge graph space and explores how a personal knowledge can be used by people and businesses to create better and more accurate connections, recommendations, and services.

Thanks for reading, if you’ve seen or read anything that you think others might like, get in touch via our Discord community and we’ll ensure we shout about it – and give you credit :).

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