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All the best for 2023

All the best for 2023

We wish you the very best over the festive period. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2023.

Happy Christmas from TerminusDB

Next year is promising to be exciting for TerminusDB, we have big plans for Jan/Feb 2023 –

Big TerminusDB Moves in 2023

More Power to Devs

TerminusDB 11

TerminusDB 11

We’ve been focusing efforts in the core database to make it faster and smaller – 

  • NATIVE GraphQL
  • Compact Storage
  • Fast Range Queries
GraphQL as a query language

GraphQL as a Graph Query Language

GraphQL in TerminusDB will support back-links and path queries to make GraphQL a true graph query language

TerminusCMS launch


TerminusCMS launches early 2023 – It is a semantically enriched headless CMS for complex environments. Read about it here.

Once again, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The TerminusDB team will be taking some time away from our keyboards to spend time with friends and family, but we’ll still be available via DiscordReddit, and our socials.

All the best for 2023.


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