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Data Mesh with TerminusX Data Mesh Learning Interview

Document Graphs for the Data Mesh


December 3rd 12:20 GMT (13:20 CET)

Join Gavin Mendel-Gleason at Connect Data World where he will be discussing Document Graphs for the Data Mesh. In his talk he will cover:

What is Data Mesh?

Discussing how Data Mesh is a new paradigm for enterprise data management that places domain experts in the driving seat of data creation and curation.

The data warehouse solved a big problem for enterprises – the problem of siloed data that had no visibility. However, it also created new problems, divorcing content experts from control over data modeling, data creation, and data curation. Over-centralization created new headaches while solving the problem of visibility.

Gavin discusses how Data Mesh helps to overcome both problems – by decentralizing data content creation using a mesh infrastructure that retains interoperability and visibility. Knowledge graphs have a big role to play in these developments.

He will delve further into:

Domain Focus

Shifting from a centralized architecture by empowering domains to take control of their data at the source to combine data context and data curation with the view to improving visibility and data accuracy. 

Data is a Product

Exploring the concept of treating data as a product and how domain ownership can improve the quality of data within an enterprise for better customer service and improved data-driven decisions.

Self-Service Data

Looking at how a successful data product makes accurate data securely visible and accessible to other domains who need it. Getting access to it when they need it, without having to develop extensive ETL pipelines.


An important aspect of Data Mesh is governance. It is the one area that is most divisive within the data world with many comparing decentralized domain-oriented data architectures to anarchy.  Gavin explores the importance of governance and how the right level of governance can help data flow throughout the enterprise.

How We Approach Data Mesh

The next section of the talk looks at how we approach Data Mesh from a technical point of view and covers the following sections:

Documents? Knowledge Graph? Both

Focused on:

  • JSON documents being central to software developer
  • Using schema definitions to make data easy in and easy out
  • How documents can have links to make a document-oriented knowledge graph data product
  • Static and dynamic links between documents
  • Interlinking a vibrant ecosystem of data products

Versions, Time Travel, & Collaboration

The final section of Gavin’s Connected Data World talk focuses on some of the TerminusX features that help enterprise organizations innovate and collaborate to build applications and business insights faster. He talks about some of the features that enable developers to collaborate and utilize source control tools for their data, including:

  • Versions
  • Branches
  • Time travel
  • Collaboration: Rebase

The talk is being streamed for free


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