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DataChemist - Data and application consultancy services

Consultancy services as DataChemist

You may or may not remember, but we used to be known as DataChemist.

We’re thrilled to tell you that DataChemist is reborn. Don’t worry, TerminusDB isn’t going away, we’re just adding to our portfolio and providing consultancy services through the DataChemist name.

We provide hourly and project-based pricing and are primarily (but not exclusively) focused on three areas:

consultancy services for data intensive application development

Data-Intensive Application Development

We have a lot of experience making sense of complex and diverse datasets to develop applications. From national economic data with 20 billion relationships to collaborative databanks, our work often involves collaboratively building the foundations in the form of schema and using that to build the UI.

Semantic CMS services

Dynamic Semantically Enriched CMS

CMS systems are used for news services, blogs, e-commerce platforms, and documentation sites. By enriching these systems with semantic knowledge, dynamic content, approval and workflow pipelines, and revision control features, content producers can ensure the right people see content relevant to them.

consultancy services for entity resolution systems

Entity Resolution Systems

Many applications and services use data from other sources, be it other databases or scraped data from the web. Often, as many of our customers have experienced, there is conflicting data from different sources and knowing what is true is difficult to determine. Inaccurate data can lead to costly mistakes and time wasted, we build entity resolution systems to solve these issues.

DataChemist Consultancy Services

Visit datachemist.com

For more information about DataChemist and the services we're providing head on over to datachemist.com.

Our past work

We’ve been helping a diverse range of organizations build some amazing applications and services in recent years, have a read of our use cases to get a better understanding of where we can help you.

Excel collaboration use case

Excel Collaboration Use Case

TerminusX has been developed as an extension to Excel. The extension is called VersionXL and solves the collaborative issues teams have when working with spreadsheets to make business decisions.

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Latest Stories

Using CMS for Technical Docs - Schema Design

Using our CMS for Technical Documentation – Part 1, Schema Design

We recently replaced Gitbook with TerminusCMS for a much-needed upgrade of our technical documentation. In order to help our users understand TerminusCMS and to learn from our mistakes, we’ve written a three-part blog that talks about the steps and methods we used to use TerminusCMS as the backend for our docs. This is part-1, looking at the schema.

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Vector database and vector embeddings

Building a Vector Database to Make Use of Vector Embeddings

Vector databases are all the rage at the moment and it’s not just hype. The advance of AI, which is making use of vector embeddings, has significantly increased the buzz. This article talks about how we implemented a vector database in Rust in a week to give us semantic indexing and entity resolution using OpenAI to define our embeddings.

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