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The Future on TerminusX

This is a recording of our All Hands Meeting on October 15th 2021. It was presented by Gavin Mendel Gleeson who is our co-founder and CTO. 

In this presentation Give looks at:

1) What TerminusX is 

Essentially we are a document graph, a knowledge graph of connected JSON documents, we’re also a versioned database and version system, and a SaaS data curation platform too.

2) What we need to be

Talking about what is missing from the data management stack and focusing the central thesis on how collaboration on structured data is currently wrong in the world and how TerminusX wants to do it differently.

Gavin talks about how we are probably the closest to getting collaboration right, but also the steps we need to go through to perfect collaboration of structured data.

Finally, Gavin walks through how collaboration with structured data is handled and how these methods suck, landing on how people collaborating should do it and outlining how we are planning to make this happen with TerminusX.

All Hands Meetings

Every Friday we host an All Hands meeting. One of the team presents each week on a topic of their choosing, be it professional or personal. 

As an open-source company, we aim to share our methods as well as our code. Hopefully, you can get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and what our plans are.

If you want to come and talk with us, join us on Discord.

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