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TerminusX Infographic- Putting data in the hands of your people

We’ve created this infographic to show how TerminusX puts data in the hands of your people, not your servers.

TerminusX is a self-serve data platform to build, execute, monitor, and share versioned data products.  If you are looking for a solution aligned to the data mesh paradigm, then TerminusX is for you.

Decentralized and domain orientated by nature, version control for both schema and data, TerminusX combines the power of knowledge graphs with the simplicity of documents.

TerminusX is a new kind of data platform for the next generation of data architecture.  

TerminusX Infographic
TerminusX Data Mesh
TerminusX Whitepaper

TerminusX & Data Mesh

Interested in how TerminusX can help you achieve your data mesh ambitions? Download the whitepaper to find out more info.

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