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Terminators on Tech – JSON Diff & Patch

This is a recording of our Terminators on Tech webinar and is focused on JSON Diff and Patch.

Host Cheuk, our DevRel Advocate, is joined by our CTO and co-founder Gavin Mendel-Gleason to talk about JSON Diff and Patch.

In the webinar they cover:

  • What are diff and patch?
  • The difference between diff & patch for data and code
  • JSON diff and patch advantages
  • Why table diff is so difficult
  • How we accomplished table diff
  • What are the different types of patch
  • How scalable is the TerminusDB diff and patch solution?
  • Open API JSON diff and patch Curl example
We’ve also created the open API curl example and created a post for that too.

JSON Diff & Patch with TerminusDB,

You can use TerminusDB and the Python and JavaScript clients to run diff and patch operations on your TerminusDB database, or other document databases, such as MongoDB.

For full details visit our documentation pages, and check out the tutorial walking you through the process step by step.

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