Product Roadmap 3

Product Roadmap Episode 3: Delphine And Sarah Collaborate And Go For A Drink

“Hey, Sarah!” said Delphine, “I wanted to come by and thank you for automating that CSV export with the unwarbled widget data last week. I can’t tell you how helpful that’s been for us.”

“Delphine! Great that you’re here, I wanted to show you something cool!” said Sarah.

Sarah opened the TerminusDB console on her laptop. “You know those CSVs, this is the same data here in the database I’m using to tidy the data, TerminusDB. I’m sure those CSVs are useful, but the data is even more useful here. Look, I’ve written a WOQL query to show the average amount of time a widget waits before it’s warbled.”

“A what query?” Delphine pulled up a chair and sat down beside Sarah, watching intently.

“WOQL” said Sarah. “Web Object Query Language.”

“Watch this” Sarah said as she moved a slider at the top of the console. “I can go backward in time and see the data as it changed every day! and I can chain WOQL queries on the query page from one to another.”

“Oh wow, like a Jupyter notebook!” Delphine explained. “I wish I could have something like that!”

“You can!” Sarah said.

Sarah helped Delphine install the Desktop version of TerminusDB on her Windows Laptop, create a hub account, and log in. Then she shared the database with her on Hub and showed her how to clone to her local PC.

“Viola!” said Sarah. “Now, here’s the super cool part. If I make a change to my local version, say by correcting one of the garbled widget descriptions from WIS that nobody can seem to fix, I can push that change to Hub … and then, you can pull the change, and the data on your PC is updated!”

“So we can collaborate on the data!” said Delphine.

“Yup” said Sarah.

“There’s a Tequila Sunrise in it for you at The Toad Stool Lounge if you tell me more about this WOQL business”, suggested Delphine.

“Make it a beer and you’re on” said Sarah.

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