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Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse issue number 9

Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse 9

Hello and welcome to the ninth edition of Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse which shares interesting articles about this world. We share a lot of content via our Discord channels, so we thought we’d share the love and provide a regular update on what’s been floating our boats.

The Many Layers of Data Lineage

Borja Vazquez has written this excellent article about data lineage, using Google Maps as a way to understand a better way to handle data lineage with a little graph theory. It looks at the issues facing modern enterprises and takes a balanced view of how to approach them with layers.

The many layers of data lineage. What can we learn from google maps 

Getting to Know Succinct Data Structures

Ben Langmead, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, has a fantastic YouTube channel for those looking to understand succinct data structures. The channel has a wealth of well-delivered and well-thought-out videos. 

Ben Langmead – YouTube   

China’s Growing Appetite for Graph Databases

Chinese firm NebulaGraph has recently closed in on Series A funding and is seeing growth in demand from manufacturing organizations turning to knowledge graphs to better understand their supply chains. This article from TechCrunch examines China’s use of knowledge graphs.

NebulaGraph reaps from China’s growing appetite for graph databases

Identity Graphs

Discussing identity graphs, this article is about how graph database technology can piece together customer interactions and behaviors from different devices to obtain a richer understanding.

What is an Identity Graph?  

Metadata & Data Mesh

Mathematician and management consultant, Neil Raden, wrote this article talking about the importance of an active metadata strategy when embarking on a data mesh and data fabric journey.

Data fabric or data mesh? Don’t move ahead without an active metadata strategy   

Mapping Livestock with Graph Databases 

This Medium blog looks at Kassy Raymond’s, a Fellow at the Datasphere Initiative, work with the Global Burden of Animal Diseases to map livestock populations. The article talks about the process of using graph databases to analyze the data standards of different datasets to establish meaning and connectedness.

Graph Data in the Datasphere: Mapping livestock population data categories using graph databases 

A look at Data Mesh Topology & Domain Granularity

Microsoft’s Piethein Strengholt wrote a blog post looking at different architecture design patterns and the considerations for choosing each.

Data Mesh Topology & Domain Granularity

Solving the Enterprise Dilemma 

This Forbes article by Workday CTO Jim Stratton provides a clear-eyed look at the problems enterprises face. With a simplicity-first approach, Jim is explicit that it is not easy to achieve but talks about the steps to help deliver value from your data.

Solving the Enterprise Dilemma

Thanks for reading, if you’ve seen or read anything that you think others might like, get in touch via our Discord community and we’ll ensure we shout about it – and give you credit :).

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