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Knowledge Graph and Data Mesh Metaverse Number 3

Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse 3

Hello and welcome to the third edition of Knowledge Graph & Data Mesh Metaverse which shares interesting articles about this world (and a little Web3 too). We share a lot of content via our Discord channels so thought we’d share the love and provide a regular update as to what’s been floating our boats.

The ticking time bomb of semantic anomalies

This is a great article from Benn Stancil talking about semantic data anomalies that go undetected by observability tools and slowly push the analytical reality of data until it reaches a cacophony of disasters. An ambitious version of this approach to discovery and observability is to use knowledge graphs to address these problems – semantic solutions to solve semantic problems. Have a read here.

Fwd: Exec KPIs – Daily – by Benn Stancil 

Data mesh practical guidance 

Author of Data Management at Scale, Piethein Strengholt, has written this interesting article providing some practical guidance for those planning their next-generation data platform, specifically data mesh.

Data Domains & Data Products

A knowledge graph for climate concerned citizens

We became aware of this initiative via our community Discord channel. Ellie Young has set up Common Action which is an innovation network facilitating climate and sustainability action with data and technology. Their mission is to build connections between companies, non-profits, academics, entrepreneurs, government, citizens, to produce a coherent, collective force across society for responding to urgent global priorities. If you’re interested in this project, Ellie can be contacted on LinkedIn.

Common Action founder Ellie Young

A business leaders guide to graph

When graph databases are talked about it’s often about high-level AI or machine learning, but never about day-to-day business. This article from Harry Powell, outgoing Director of Data and Analytics at Jaguar Land Rover, talks about exactly this: how graph databases can help business leaders drive (no pun intended) their day-to-day business processes and decision making.

Graph databases: what they are and why you need them

A good introduction to Web3

This article from Free Code Camp is a good introduction to Web3 with lots of useful links to further reading. So, if you want a comprehensive introduction to Web3, this is a good place to start.

The decentralized Internet of the future explained

Everyone’s* favorite first lady gets in on the NFT act

Melania Trump launched her own NFT platform to sell limited edition digital artwork and even promises to auction a historically important piece in early 2022 (plans for the Capitol riot?). 

*It seems she may not be everyone’s favorite however, built on Solana, their core team has been quick to distance themselves from any invitations to the former First Lady, insisting it occurred organically. 

Solana Labs distances itself from Melania Trump’s NFT project

The future of the modern data stack

Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake, in an interview with Barr Moses of Monte Carlo, discusses what’s next for the technology and tools powering data analytics and engineering. With a big nod to knowledge graphs, the article is an interesting read.

What’s in store for the future of the modern data stack?

Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, we thought we’d share Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2022. Including Cyber Mesh, Data Fabric, and lots more. Have a read to see if you agree.

2022 strategic technology trends

Thanks for reading, if you’ve seen or read anything that you think others might like, get in touch via our Discord community and we’ll ensure we shout about it – and give you credit :).

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