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Data Mesh Learning Interview

Data Mesh Learning Interview

This Data Mesh Learning interview is with our co-founder, Luke, as part of its focus on data mesh vendors.

Former Gartner Analyst, and current Senior Director at Cribl, interviewed Luke about how TerminusDB and TerminusX help organizations achieve their data mesh ambitions.

Luke talks about TerminusDB’s Trinity College origins and details the journey that has led us into the exciting world of data mesh.

The Data Mesh Learning Interview also explores how TerminusX facilitates domain-oriented data management. Detailing how a strong semantic layer sits on top of a knowledge graph of connected documents. Enabling more generalist teams, such as business analysts, to work with the data.

Watch the full interview to see why TerminusX is the perfect platform to build data products.

Data Mesh with TerminusX Data Mesh Learning Interview
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Want to talk Data Mesh with Luke & TerminusDB?

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