DataOps Meetup Dublin

Our DataOps Meetup in Dublin

Two weeks ago, we have our meetup at the Dogpatch Lab in Dublin. It was the last physical meetup before the COVID-19 semi-lockdown.

But that doesn’t stop us!

We had a great talk by Gavin, about the importance of DataOps and how to avoid the passing around csvs and renaming everything with the word “final”. Slides of the talk can be found on the GitHub repo

Of course, like our London meet up, we will give you a taste of TerminusDB with our first knowledge graph tutorial. People are paying attention and want to try it out. Slides can be found here.

We also have lots of beer and pizza. Our members always love Cowduck and our environmentally friendly coffee mugs.

In case you missed out meetup, here is a video for you:

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