Get your API key
Get your API key and configure your enviroment to use the your client.

Generate your API key

An API key is required to use TerminusX. Get this from the user interface using the steps below.
1. Log in
Log in to the user interface dashboard
2. Select your profile
Select your Profile by clicking on ▼ at the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Generate a Personal Access Token
Enter a description in Add a Token Description then click Generate New Token. Copy the token generated.
4. Copy the required code snippet
Select the Python or JavaScript tab then copy the code snippet.

Set up your environment

Assign your token to the environment variable TERMINUSDB_ACCESS_TOKEN in your code snippet. An example in bash below.

Code: API key environment configuration

export TERMINUSDB_ACCESS_TOKEN="my API key here"
You are now ready to install and use your client!
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