GraphQL & WOQL Playgrounds

An overview of the GraphQL and WOQL playgrounds in the TerminusCMS dashboard
TerminusCMS features a query playground for GraphQL and WOQL.

GraphQL Playground

GraphQL playground
TerminusCMS includes GraphiQL to experiment and test queries. It automatically generates the GraphQL schema based on the project's schema.
It includes -
  • List of root types within the project
  • Autofill to aid query construction
  • Pretty print
  • Results panel
  • Error reporting
For more details about the types of queries available with GraphQL, such as path queries, filters, and arguments, please refer to the GraphQL reference guide.

WOQL Playground

Web Object Query Language (WOQL) is a powerful and sophisticated query language which allows you to concisely express complex patterns over arbitrary data structures.
The playground enables users to build WOQL queries to experiment and test. Users can also -
  • View query as JSON-LD format
  • Copy the query
  • See results
  • Select query parameters based on the schema (left side of the screen)
Please see these other resources for understanding and using WOQL -