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The various components of TerminusDB have different release notes.


TerminusDB Server Version 2.0 Release Notes


TerminusDB Server now implements databases as a tiered structure which tracks deltas on collections of graphs. This tiered structure includes:

  • Meta data graph: Holds information about the local and all remote repositories assocated with a given database.
  • Commit Graph: A graph containing information about all commits, their authors, a comment, and associated branches.
  • Instance and Schema Graphs: These graphs containing the actual data.

These new structural changes to the underlying store allow users to perform a number of git-like operations. This includes:

  • Time-travel on databases: You can run queries, browse documents or view the schema at any previous commit.
  • Branching: You can branch from any current branch or reference (a previous commit).

Several new querying capabilities have been added:

  • Regular path queries allowing the user to query recursively using combinations of intermediate predicates resulting in both end-point nodes and the particular path as a list of edge objects.
  • Database size and triple count can be queried
  • You can choose a specific resource to query including: the meta-data graph, the commit graph, a collection of instance or schema graphs, or a particular commit.

Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • The storage approach has changed dramatically and so previous databases can not be read directly by the new TerminusDB. Upgrades require re-ingesting data.

  • The previous version of TerminusDB used JSON as an interchange for WOQL ASTs. The current version uses JSON-LD, which is a serialisation of RDF. This enables us to store WOQL queries in a database and provides a schema documentation of the WOQL query language.

Bug Fixes

  • Transactional logic in TerminusDB 1.0 had surprising outcomes when backtracking over inserts. We currently treat inserts as non-backtracking destructive updates.
  • WOQL.when is not required in order to perform updates.

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