Branch a Project

How to branch projects using the TerminusCMS dashboard
The TerminusCMS dashboard enables you to branch projects. To do this, choose the team and project you want to branch. You will be directed to the project home page. This is where you can branch it.
Scroll down to see the manage branch section.
Branch a project using the TerminusCMS dashboard
Each project can have one or more branches, the default is called main. Each branch contains a snapshot of the data as it was at the time of branching. This is useful for experimenting or providing data to other teams when you want to keep them away from main.

Create a new branch

Click the new branch button.
Give the branch an ID and decide where to branch it from
Give the branch and ID.
You then have two choices:
  1. 1.
    Branch from the current head to include all of the data
  2. 2.
    Create an empty branch
Click new branch to create it.
You will then be switched to that branch.

Swap between branches

From the manage branch section use the ellipsis symbol next to the branches to switch between branches and main.
Use the branch options to switch between branches