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Deployment options

The recommend way of running TerminusDB is to use terminusdb-quickstart.

To use terminusdb-quickstart you need to have Git and Docker installed, then you can clone the terminusdb-quickstart repo and run the server by following the instructions in the on GitHub:

git clone
cd ./terminusdb-quickstart
./terminusdb-container run

Experienced users can use the Docker container in their own configuration, or compile from source code.

The TerminusDB Docker container is available on Docker Hub:

Source code and compilation instructions can be found in the terminusdb/terminusdb-server repo on github:

Backup / restore

Backing up is as simple as pushing your data to a remote on TerminusDB Hub. You can run TerminusDB on a different machine as well and use it as a backup remote.

Restoring the database can be done by pulling from the remote.

Users of Docker or terminusdb-quickstart will be able to backup the data by backing their Docker volumes.


  • Always change the default password!
  • If you want to host your instance of TerminusDB, put it behind a reverse proxy with HTTPS