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Transfer data from GitHub using Singer.io to TerminusX

This tutorial shows you how to transfer data from GitHub using Singer.io to TerminusDB and TerminusX. DevRel Associate, Cheuk, walks you through an example to show how easy it is to get data from GitHub into TerminusDB/X to start using within applications and business intelligence.

If you’re not familiar with Singer, it is a simple and composable open-source ETL tool. It has taps that extract data from any source and write it to a standard stream in a JSON-based format. And it has targets that consumes data from taps and does something with it, like load it into a file, API, or database.

The tutorial highlights how simple it is to use Singer.io to ETL data from GitHub into a schema-driven document graph database, like TerminusDB/X. With lots of pre-configured taps, Singer.io enables you to extract data from a variety of different sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Pendo, to build pictures with data to use across application development and business intelligence.

This tutorial is in Python, and covers the following topics:

  1. Check your endpoint is running
  2. Install and set up the GitHub tap
  3. Install the TerminusDB target
  4. Start the project
  5. Import data from GitHub in TerminusDB/X
  6. Verify the data is in TerminusDB/X

For the full tutorial detailing how to transfer data from GitHub with Singer.io to TerminusX, please visit our GitHub repo. Check out the other tutorials in the blog too.

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